Offsite Meeting

Offsite Meeting

Location matters: what is the importance of an offsite meeting?
Of course, you could conduct meetings in the office or an in-house conference room, but an offsite meeting is no ordinary meeting. It is important that participants feel free to speak their minds. This is often not the case within one’s regular work environment, where there is a constant risk of being interrupted or where people find each other at the water cooler to hash things out quickly. An offsite meeting is the perfect occasion to quickly take the next step together with your team.

An example of a STRONG offsite meeting is our 24-hour session. The team retreats to an inspiring location from 17:00 to 17:00. This is the perfect way to take the next step in a short period of time and improve the trust and connections between team members and the team leader and connections with the team’s targets. Who are we as a team, what do we do and what do we stand for?


Day 1:
17.00 personal check-in, drinks and dinner
Day 2:
Part 1: in-depth introductions (who are we as a team?)
Part 2: reflection and look ahead (what are our learning topics and what have we achieved as a team?)
17.00: Conclusion with team agreements

During these sessions, we use the theoretical frameworks of e.g. Lencioni, Tuckman and Insights.
Here are just a few examples of the businesses who came before you:


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