The experts in Insights Discovery

De experts in Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is a powerful system that is based around psychological preferences. The core principle is that every person is unique and has their own exceptional talents, qualities and preferred styles. These unique differences are exactly what make a person or team so special and they possess great added value.

Insight into one’s self and others leads to understanding, acknowledgement and respect. This, in turn, stimulates effectiveness, communication and collaboration, which form the foundation for further development. The colour language of Insights Discovery makes the differences easy to understand, insightful and open for discussion. STERK team development virtually always uses Insights Discovery as a tool, a language and a growth accelerator. View the video about the power of Insights Discovery here.

The results of Insights Discovery:

  • Teams collaborate more effectively;
  • Leaders inspire and motivate and bring out the best in their employees;
  • People respond better to change;
  • Employees are involved and feel more strongly connected to your organisation’s culture and values;
  • Improved interaction with customers.

How we operate as Insights Discovery experts.
For more than ten years, we have been offering Insight workshops and programmes in Dutch and English. These days, we also have partnerships in the Benelux for our French customers. During our personal communication, we want to hear more about your motivation, questions and desired results of your Insights request for team and leadership development. We have extensive experience and a lot of materials to work with, which we will optimally tailor to the personal connection and your desired results. With Insights, we put our STERK values into practice: connecting, strengthening, doing and enjoying. We work together effectively, optimally, openly and honestly with our customers. In other words, we practise what we preach.

The Insights Discovery profile
The personal Insights Discovery profile is the beating heart of the Insights system. This profile, based on the work of Carl Jung, can quickly, reliably and respectfully map out a person’s psychological preferences.

With the help of an online survey, a subject’s personality profile is drawn up. This profile describes and visualises their personal preferences, based on the philosophy of the behavioural scientist Carl G. Jung. The information offers insight into one’s self and forms a powerful foundation for further personal, team and leadership development.

The basic Insights Discovery profile consists of more than twenty pages and covers the subject’s preferred styles of decision-making and interaction with others. It reveals their main strengths and weaknesses and their personal preference for the value in a team. The profile offers insight into what others should and should not do to realise effective communication. It gives tips for further personal development. With a unique colour code, the Insights Discovery profile visualises a person’s preferred style at a glance. This insight into one’s own personality leads to more awareness of their work and their interactions with others. The Insights Discovery profile offers increased insight into the subject’s personal qualities and any weak points – which are actually points of development. Lastly, the Insights Discovery profile offers extensive insight into and awareness of one’s personal impact on others. What kind of communication does and does not work? How can I influence, motivate, inspire and stimulate a person with my own unique style? Self-insight boosts your personal and leadership development and – we believe – allows you to enjoy your work a lot more. Download an example of an Insights Discovery profile here (in Dutch).


The colour language: the four colours of Insights Discovery
Insights Discovery’s colour language is easy to understand and remember. The strength of Insights is that this ensures people continue to use it in their daily activities. The four colours represent the various preferred styles. Each person is unique and your unique preference will be made clear at a glance with your personal colour mix.

Clear blue: introverted thinking style and outlook
The blue preference is introverted and eager to learn more about and understand the world. They like to think before acting and maintain a somewhat distant and objective position. People with a blue preference highly value independence, reason and analysis. They prefer written communication to ensure matters are recorded clearly and accurately.

Soft green: one-on-one relationships and support
The green preference is also introverted and focuses primarily on personal values and depth in relationships. People with a green preference want others to trust them. They fight for what they believe to be important, such as values and standards, with calm determination and perseverance. Equality in relationships is important and mutual understanding is a core tenet of one’s personal style.

Bright yellow: clear vision and inspiration
The yellow preference is extroverted, bright, friendly and fun to be around. It is important to them that everyone gets along. People with a yellow preference enjoy the company of others and believe that life should be fun. Persuasiveness and approaching others in a positive and equal manner are clear aspects of their personal style.

Fiery red: assertive action and taking charge
The red preference is extroverted, energetic, action-oriented and always in motion. People with a red preference have a positive and assertive attitude and they are all about reality. They are straightforward and have a goal- and result-oriented nature. They are strongly focused on controlling the situations they find themselves in. Their direct method of interacting with others is a clearly recognisable factor of their personal style.